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South Korea

Brendan’s workshop

Melbourne by night with Graflex

Macro with Graflex


graflex I had an opportunity to develop the first large format film 120 mm. Till then I only played with 35 mm. For those unaware, getting the film out of the camera and onto the reel of developing tank has to be done in complete darkness. Getting the film out of the roll film holder, that I’ve never seen open before, in complete darkness was quite a challange, and at some point I thought – I’m stuck in my darkroom forever, or I’d have to sacrify the film! I did manage eventually to get the film out of the holder, though next challenge was on the way, as I’ve never held 120 mm film in my hand, so I didn’t think about the backing paper and that it goes all the way along the film, so trying to fit it onto the reel for development, wasn’t working quite well either. When I remembered passing my eyes through the “backing paper” words, when reading earlier how the film loads into the holder, the paper and the film split into two rolls each of them landing in one of my hands. One of my hands felt “this feels like a film”. Loading the film onto the reel went then heaps easier, and I was only hoping that the roll left on the ground is the paper, not the film. Then the rest with the development went similar to 35 mm film.

The biggest excitement though came, when I put the 120 mm film into the enlarger to develop the photos. Film on its own – 35 mm versus 120 mm – not that much of a difference, but changing 35 mm for 120 mm in the enlarger, geez it gone big! I intended to develop A4 size prints, but playing with the enlarger I realised, that it’s pretty much way too much hassle to squeeze it in, so the solution was – just take a larger paper! I guess this was the moment I got sold for large format film for the rest of my life. With large format film – everything goes large scale!

I got the chance to borrow the camera and do some shots myself, so here they are:

Melbourne by night


Great Ocean Road, Australia

Grampians National Park, Australia



  My favourite squirrel from Denver in Colorado.

Lucky, I had some food!

Floral macro

Not yet with a proper macro lens, but only a play with a macro filter. It is amazing what enormous field of “depth-of-field” of feelings and emotions you can create… And yet, it is “only” a film”…so the results are loooong waited for… how is your imagination?

Melbourne, Australia

Photo of today


Somewhere in between the coming spring in Australia, where I live, and autumn falling down to Austria, where I currently am. It is not a photo of today, as I shoot the film, but it feels like today. Autumn or spring? Which one to choose?

Graphic Design




Another of my hobbies, which I wanted to study after I finished the high-school, but it is difficult to get to Art University in Bratislava, only couple out of several tens, so you need to be really good. I tried twice to pass the tests. It was interesting and I felt very young amongst the people, who were trying to pass the test for the 13th time. Wow. I said I will give it a third chance one day. I have been already getting very occupied by physics. So, if you need a graphic designer, I might be helpful too.




Jeden z mojich ďaľších koníčkov, grafický dizajn, ktorý som chcela ísť študovať po skončení gymnázia, ale v Bratislave je to náročné sa dostať na Umeleckú. Berú len zopár z niekoľko desiatok, takže musíte byť vážne dobrý. Skúsila som to dva krát. Bola to zaujímavá skúsenosť a cítila som sa jak malá medzi ľudkami, ktorý skúšali spraviť skúšky po 13-ty krát. Wow. Povedala som si, že to mu dám ešte niekedy tretiu šancu. Začínala som byť už veľmi zaneprázdnená fyzikou.


ANZSMS Invitation 2012












Here is an invitation for an international conference which I made, being part of the organising committee. That Melbourne photo is taken by my little video camera Sanyo Xacti. If you like to know more about the conference go to




Pozvánka na medzinárodnú konferenciu. Pozvánku som dizajnovala ja, dobrovoľne, ako som aj jedným z organizátorov. Fotografiu Melbourne na pozvánke som snímla s mojou malou videokamerou Sanyo Xacti. Až by ste mali záujem sa dozvedieť o konferencii viac, navštívte domovskú stránku


RAPD Logo 2009












Research Assistant and Post-Doctoral (RAPD) association within our Institute that I have been part of already for few years was missing a Logo, so I gave it a shot and it’s still here.




Asociácii výskumných pracovníkov a post-doktorantov v našom Inštitúte, ktorej som ešte stale súčasťou, chýbalo nejake reprezentatívne logo, tak som tomu dala šancu a ešte je zatiaľ tu.


Something different


Urban & Nature in Urban


Nature & Urban in Nature

Nitrianske Rudno



Ak má niekto záujem dozvedieť sa o tejto kúzelnej dedinke viac, tak prosím…

For those non Slovak speaking, here is a link for this lovely village… Although the English link on this web is not very useful, you might find some nice pictures on the Slovak one…

Falls es euch interessiert, hier ist eine nette Web-seite über dieses wunderbare Dorf… Leider habe ich nicht viele Links auf Deutsch gefunden…

Čičmany web

Home, sweet home…